The offers need to be rolling in. If Landon Donovan is the best American soccer player ever, the offers from bigger, richer clubs should start rolling in…eventually.

The speedy outside midfielder took down a Tim Cahill header and calmly slotted home Everton’s second goal in the their 2-0 victory over visiting Sunderland on Wednesday.

The win bumped up the Americans new club into the top half of the EPL table (9th).

There is no doubt that Landon Donovan needs to stay in the EPL and prove his worth for a few seasons. I’ve said it before, he can come back to MLS when he’s 35 and play ten more seasons.

Then he can get a Beckham-style option for ownership, take his piece of the Galaxy and live it up in his own personalized luxury box at the Home Depot Center ever summer. Not a bad plan, huh?

Landon is carrying the torch for American players everywhere. He is considered by many our best and if he can’t make it in Europe, who can? There are plenty of American players making it there already, but the rationale, as inexplicable as it seems from some is that he doesn’t want to make it in Europe.

Of course he does…all real soccer players want to, because that is the ultimate proving ground. He needs to play well enough to go from Everton to Manchester United or Chelsea and have top teams from all over bidding on his services everyday in the press.

Then he can say that he’s made it.

-Mark Lincir is the Editor-In-Chief of 90:00 Soccer Magazine

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