MLS Week 3

LAFC have been the best team in the early MLS 2019 season. Vela has shown all his greatness scoring goals and passing the ball to open the field for his teammates. The Mexican has been the barometer for the Los Angeles Football Club in their second season as part of the League.

The game against DC United was one of the most anticipated clashes early on. Since Rooney has joined the team, the club from the capital has gone from bottom of the league to a playoff team and this year they have high expectations. 

One-way result

There was no match between the two clubs as LAFC converted everything they tried for a final result of 4-0. In two aways games Los Angelinos have scored nine goals and conceded none!

A very bad day for DC United, as captain Wayne Rooney got sent-off early in the second half when the score was at 3-0.

Coach Bob Bradley comments on the great away performance:

“We scored some really good goals. Today was a choppy game. It’s not exactly a game where there’s all sorts of fluidity and everything else. The field was a bit choppy and slow. So I thought we handled it well. It’s hardly a day where we feel like we’ve arrived.

The motivation is to play good football, the motivation is to play 90 minutes, the motivation is to keep making the right decisions. I think if you went around and asked everybody on the team how they felt in those ways with the second half, I would think they would say it wasn’t our best. But you don’t want to take away from a really good team effort.”