MLS week 31: LA Galaxy 2-4 Seattle Sounders

Los Angeles’ home unbeaten run came to an end against West rivals in a very entertaining Sunday afternoon match. It is the first home loss for the Galaxy after 15 undefeated games (8-1-7).

Sounders keep MLS playoffs hopes alive while denying LA Galaxy to clinch their own spot.

Coaches comment the result:

Galaxy coach Bruce Arena:

“That was just an odd game. I think we should be going in at halftime up a goal or two. We come out and play pretty well to start the second half and I guess we have a breakaway that we miss. And then give Jordan Morris credit, he creates a great goal and we’re down 2-1. And on the day I think we actually played alright, but some absolute bad mistakes that hurt us.”

On if this part of the season feels different from the same time last season:

“I think athletes’ and coaches’ jobs are to have short memories. Who even cares about last year, it has nothing to do with the result today.  I don’t think we played badly today. We actually had terrific segments for long periods of time. I think we controlled, in some ways, the first half and had a real good start to the second half. Things fell apart with that second goal, for sure. It was an odd one. We created some good chances today. We could have had more goals, shouldn’t have conceded as many. What can you say? A little sloppy at both ends and it adds up to a lot.”

Galaxy Landon Donovan:

On the match:

“It was a little bit strange. It didn’t feel like a four-goal against game. And then one set piece and it’s 1-1. I think even to start the second half, if you had to predict, you would say it would either end in a tie or we would win. But you have to give them credit, they made some really good plays. Jordan [Morris] was terrific, obviously [Osvaldo Alonso’s] goal is one in a 100 and we didn’t do enough with the chances we had, so that’s the way soccer is sometimes.”

Sounders coach Brian Schmetzer

On if his team approached the game with a counter-attacking plan:

“I’m not so sure that the counter-attacking philosophy was our first goal today. I think on a hot day like today it was just to keep extended possession. I think the heat played a big part in the game in the sense that you could tell that the players had a difficult time maintaining a high level of fitness. These games are always very tough to make that happen. It seemed like after LA scored the first goal, my team responded and they were able to find that little extra gear if you want to call it that. So what might have been to people watching on T.V. a ‘counter-attacking’ style of football, what I think it was the mindset of my players just driving past or driving forward at the opportune moments. Because it certainly wasn’t the gameplan to bunker and counter. That was not our gameplan.”

On how the chase for playoffs motivates the team:

“It motivates us because it’s reality. When anything or anybody is in your face with difficult situations, you sink or swim. We’d prefer to stay alive and keep swimming. I think the ‘one game at a time’ mantra is overused by a lot of people, but really, truly, that’s what we have done.”

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