Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid (1-1 at the end of regulation)

The DECIMA for Real Madrid to crown the 201-3-14 world’s best team.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti reacts:

e’re very proud of having won this for all Madrid fans. Happiness is giving happiness to those who always follow us. The fans are very happy and that makes us happy”.

“The other finals were very difficult and this one was too. It has been a very good season. The first year we tried to change and I have had a fantastic group of players who have always been professional and they showed that in this match too. Not only those who were delighted to be playing, but also those who were not playing. We’ve worked hard this season to achieve this”.

The key moment
“The most difficult thing was equalising because we really had to dig deep to do that. We didn’t have any space and Atlético defended very well. We gave our all and in the end we managed to equalise. Then the match changed because of our desire. The goal gave us strength”.

Message to the squad at half-time
“At the end of the first half I told them to play faster and look for more ideas up front. In extra time I decided to attack on the wings because we created a lot of problems when we played there”.

Added time
“I don’t think five minutes was a lot of added time, there were a lot of stoppages in the second half. In the end you could say I was a lucky man, but the truth is that we gave our all until the last second of the match”.

“It’s been a great season. Perhaps our quality dropped off after the semi-finals against Bayern, but I can only thank these players, who have done fantastic work all year”.

Congratulations from Florentino Pérez
“He was very happy and he congratulated us. He congratulated the players, and the club, which has worked so hard, first by signing players and then supporting the team and the manager at all times”.

“From the first day when I saw the trophy room in the Bernabéu I said there was one missing and that we would try and get it this year. Now we’ve done it. I have felt the confidence of the whole club by my side and I think that is why we had the peace of mind that we needed to win the matches”.

“I’ve spoken to him, I congratulated him on La Liga before the match and the same afterwards. I have a lot of respect for a team that fights all the time. Atlético deserved to be in this final, but I think in the end we deserved to win it”.

Bale’s goal
“It was very important because he had tried before, but he was unlucky in front of goal. But he turned up when he was needed. All season Gareth has been good and he will be better next year”.


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