Round of 16 Belgium 2-1 USA (0-0 at the end of regular time)

Jurgen Klinsmann, USA coach

“Belgium had more chances than we did but Tim Howard kept us in the game. The longer it went on the more opportunities we created though. Even after going 2-0 down we still hoped that we could get ourselves back in it if we got a goal, and that’s what happened. We had a couple of really good chances in the last few minutes and that’s where you hope that luck is on your side. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case today. I congratulate Belgium on reaching the next round.”

“We are still in the process of learning to take our game to the opponent. No matter what their name is, we cannot just wait too long to start our game. I think there is a little bit too much respect when it comes to the big stage – why not play them eye-to-eye? I don’t know how many years that takes to change but it’s something we have to go through. The players have got to realise they have to take it to the opponent.”

“We will find ways to introduce new young players and develop our program to develop the game at every level. I think we’ve done a lot of work. We’re excited about building a next Olympic team cycle which is huge for us going to Rio de Janeiro in two years (for the Olympics).”

“The way the people the fans embraced their team and the sport over the last couple of years will only continue to grow, especially with a league which is getting stronger and stronger, and especially with the competitions we have ahead of ourselves. There’s a lot to build on going forward.”


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