MLS week 32: Orlando City SC 0-1 Montreal Impact

For the second consecutive season of Orlando City SC’s history, the club will not see a post-season run as Kaka and the coaching staff shared their disappointment regarding the season that the club had started with massive expectations..

Coach Kreis reacts:

“Obviously we are all deeply disappointed. I think we all put a tremendous amount into that game; we really gave our hearts and souls to it. From the coaching staff, from the players’ point of view, I couldn’t be happier with the work everyone has done and the effort everyone has given, but soccer can be a cruel game and that’s what we saw today.

We did everything but finish our chances, and if we had finished just one of them, I think the game would have been much different. There were a few times when I thought we needed to make some smarter decisions on the ball, but it was really about the final touch and just being a little more precise with the final pass or the final shot in and around the box.

We lost too many games at home. I’m deeply, deeply regretful about it, and I think we now have to do everything we can to make sure we don’t finish with another loss at home. I feel that this team has some very talented attacking players. Unfortunately, we just lost a little bit of juice when we needed it most, but it’s not something we’ll be looking to address going into the offseason as we believe in the players playing in those positions.”

Kaka shared his view after the loss:

“We tried everything we could today. But really it is a little bit late to try [like this]. We had a whole season, a lot of games when we didn’t try in the way we did in these last two games, so this is the lesson for me today. If we had fought like this [earlier], we would be in a better situation.

It’s hard to put into words how bad it is, how sad we are, but now we have two games left and not having something to fight for is really, really sad. You can look around [the locker room] and see how everyone feels, but it’s time for everyone to think about next season and what we can do better to change things.” 

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