perhaps the first leg of Uefa Champions league round of 16 has deeply indicated a sensational transpiration of a diversely fair joint title rivalry scenario as much as calibrating an enthusiastic vision and aspiration in shifting new chapter of this tournament after PSG incredible victory against Barca last week and the argument has confirmed a fierce shifting of power story in this competition when Juventus sealed a great show to win against Portuguese champions FC Porto. Allegri’s men had reminded everyone their eager desire and fierce potential to stand a shot at the glory with a very delightful attacking approach the entire night. the host side would have rated a top opponent to pose considerable threats against Italians, but the game significantly witnessed a sharp distinction in terms of quality and possession, Juve dominated the match with reportedly seventy percent of possession and Porto was mainly limited to defend in their own half. fielding his ideal dimension of three central auxiliary creators in Samir Khedira, Miralem Pjanic and Paulo Dybala in a flexible and fluid shape of five midfielders with deployment of  Stephan Lichtsteiner and Juan Cuadrado as their two wide orchestrators in an adapted full-wing back role providing vital space and mobility to ignite pace of tempo and precise interactions between midfield channels in transition to attack, which often defines the engine of their tactic from defense to attack and it looked very sharp to dictate the play while pressing their host side.  even with Maxi Pereira and  Rúben Neves being drifted a bit deeper into holding role partnership with the tendency to interact over the wide positions when switching the line of press in front of back four with the purpose of breaking Juventus fluid passing build ups, they rarely managed to press their opponent from generating neat change of play in attack. Italians eventually sparked flash of interchanging play before scoring the first goal, first the exchange play between Khedira and Barzagli off the ball has linked to Dybala in central position before he releasing Higuain with a run inside the box, but he was denied turning his marker and the chance was wasted. then Khedira lifted a ball high for Argentinian striker to flick a header midway over the box that set up Dybala but his shot went over the bar. with very slim resistance to combat fluid interchanging passes and constant flash of changing tempo orchestrated by Pjanic and Dybala’s creative play, Khedira’s versatile link up runs and energetic high up the pitch exchanges between Higuain and wing backs, Porto eventually lost the gear to settle their least tactical pressing and despite keeping it tied at interval the opener came in the second half. Allegri provided game changing subs as Marco Pjaca and experienced Dani Alves came off the bench and they reignited vital gear of edge and dynamic combination to find penetration soon. inside the hour mark Higuain had a chance to score when an slick interplay run with Dybala seen him tricking his markers with a cool touch before sending a fine curling shot that went inch wide. Next effort brought in the opener; with their string of continuous short passing rhythm intensified more deeply and as the ball played off to Pjanic, his attempted overlap combination with Sandro on the right side caused a gap between Porto’s center back offered Pjaca a timely run into split space and striking a powerful into the near post to give them a deserved lead. the second came nine minutes later when Bosnian playmaker switched a fine ball over the left flank for Sandro and the full back first cutting inside to his right foot before sending an accurate cross over the far post that was calmly hooked by Alves to his chest and smacked a great left footed shot into the top right corner.

Juventus amplified their attacking possession with delightful rhythm of neat interchanging passers and efficient balance of igniting fluid and spontaneous pace of tempo in transition from pressing off the ball to commanding possession they are highly capable to master their game at in a brilliantly consistent and dynamic fashion. Dybala and Pjanic once again produced creativity and technical vision to put the team in a dominant mood, while Khedira offered maximum vision to interact winning spaces and open runs with wide attackers equal to flexibility of their strikers Mandzukich and Higuain combining from wide or Argentinian drifting into central positions to alternate between two lines when Croatian as a front man was joined by two supportive wingers to hit the penetration killing ball play and it was executed to its best. Italian champions are enjoying an incredible European journey, which is briefly suggesting a brilliant vision in transforming their long lasting legacy as the king of Italian top flight to achieve a new glorious storyline and amazing pedigree that would be ultimately inspired if they navigate their way to the glory. They are fairly capable of reaching that goal, dedicating to an outstanding steam of mixed talented and experienced individuals at their ranks, for the brilliant depth and identity the club had possessed historically, while their shape and superior vision of playing are defined by the heritage carried from one generation to another with legends such as Buffon and Pirlo symbolized proud, passion and success in the modern era. Their repetetive participation in this tournament as one of the arguably reliable contenders or possibly a title contender had rollercoaster experimentation that would underline a delight for their highly aspiration, but equally for being considered as underachievers. Previous occasions witnessed a superbly dedicated tactical Juventus team with their strength was defined by vision of collectivism, an adapted strategy based on committed pressing and flexible attacking purpose with few creative players to produce and despite facing difficult challenges they once reached the final two years ago after impressively eliminating real Madrid in the semi final and only clearly were denied at the glory when losing to world’s best side, Barca. But current side had sustained and adapted to relatively same tactical strategy and winning mentality and particularly it has amplified an extra dimension of creativity, technical vision while boasting dynamic capability to dictate the pace of transition on both spectrums and enjoying possession; they stand s serious chance to win the glory in almost the same rank as Bayern, Real Madrid and PSG.

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