The President waited for the day after the triumph in Trieste before commenting on the Scudetto, the first title under his presidency. He spoke in Milan, exactly from the HQ of Serie A league. His words followed the celebration, but were equally significant and intense.

Juventus’ pride. “All Juventus people feel a great pride. A renovated dignity: this is the aspect that made me happier. Yesterday evening, watching TV and seeing what was occurring in Turin, Rome and Milan was a great emotion. In particular, this result has been achieved thanks to the hard work carried out by all those involved in our project, by a renewed club with new managers and technical staff, with a special investor who has always supported us. The path was difficult, but our investments gave their outcomes.”

Conte is our leader. “Antonio gave us a spur more, he was the engine of the project, our captain, our leader. He was able to field all teachings that I daily affirm in our offices. He’s certainly one of the main creators of this success, but we mustn’t forget the work carried out by Marotta, Paratici, Gianni Rossi, Nedved, by the marketing area which is back to positive results. This is the work of a club who rediscovered their pride in the most natural way: through victories.”

Praising Cagliari. “Yesterday all sides played to achieve a positive result. I want to congratulate Cagliari, because they faced the game with a high pace. Our victory closed a cycle made of 37 matches without any defeat thanks to the best defense of the championship. Now, we resume our course, we’re back to winning ways and we’re exactly where we want to be.”

30 titles. “This is our thirtieth title achieved on the pitch, and nobody will take them away from us. Moreover, if I consider the ongoing law proceedings in Naples, the 2004/05 championship wasn’t deemed as altered, while the 2005/06 season wasn’t even investigated. Juventus continue to battle to reach treatment equality, under several aspects: sport justice, ordinary justice and our life. Treatment equality is a fundamental topic for us. The three stars on our chest? Our fans will enjoy nice surprises.”

Del Piero like Boniperti and Platini. “When Conte bid his farewell, he gave Del Piero his captain band. I could speak a lot about Alessandro, about his quality as player and man. Three players can be considered Juventus symbols: Boniperti, Platini and certainly Del Piero. I’ll always be grateful to Alessandro, like all our fans are. We’ve the Coppa Italia final to go: if he managed to clinch this second trophy, he would certainly live one of the most extraordinary moments in his career.”

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