Lazion 0-2 Juventus

Coach Antonio Conte reaction:

“We’ve taken another step forward and we’re drawing even closer to our target, but we still need seven points to be mathematically certain. So we won’t talk about it until it’s in the bag, instead we’ll continue to push on.”

“We came up against a very strong team, sometimes a rebound is enough to concede a goal and risk ruining an important position. Those who understand football know that when you have games like these in your grasp, you have to really hold on to them.”

Before today, people were talking about tiring midfielders and just to wind them up, I used all four… It doesn’t matter how many forwards you play with, but how many players contribute in attack.

“Marchisio was able to perform this role, helping out in defence and becoming an orthodox striker when he moved forward. He and Vucinic have a really good understanding.

“The missed opportunity? He almost made me have a breakdown, but I’ll forgive him because he played really well.”

“People shouldn’t be disappointed or despondent. We reached the last eight in Europe and that’s an extraordinary achievement. We’ve remained at the top of the league from last year and if a team like ours gets depressed after going out against Bayern Munich, then I really don’t understand anything about football.”


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