Torino 0-2 Juventus

Antonio Conte – Head Coach:

“I’m happy, satisfied but above all proud of these extraordinary lads. I’d like to thank the players, the club for bringing them in and all the backroom staff for their great work.

“It wasn’t easy for us to reclaim our title this year. Starting out as favourites doesn’t do you any favours and we knew that the Champions League would take it out of us on a physical level.

“However, we’ve had a triumphant charge to the title, sealing the achievement with three games to spare. The defeat against Inter gave us greater hunger but the loss against Sampdoria affected me even more, I promise it wouldn’t happen again and stayed true to my word.

“My future? I’m absolutely fine where I am, I’m where I hoped to be. I dreamt of returning and winning here and that’s precisely what has happened. I’m in the right place. We’ve achieved extraordinary things over the past few years, but you always need to raise the bar in football, taking into account the economic difficulties that Italian football is experiencing.

“So it’s only right that I sit down with the club at the end of the season to plan for the future. I’ll always be grateful to Andrea Agnelli and owe him a great deal, and that’s why I want the situation to be clear. But I want to stay here.”

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