In 2011 Judan Ali proved that you don’t require $billions or even $millions to produce world class footballing talent by taking a handful of unknowns from a pool of 20,000 young footballers that most had never ventured out of their village let alone get on a plane to find themselves winning a FIFA credited international tournament where footballing greats and academies have graced their skills and triumphed.

This led many a nation to invite Judan to their country to see of he could emulate this at an international senior level, not to mention that the English FA took note and sponsored Judan in his coaching pathway to obtain qualifications.

Judan Ali & Ray Parlour
Almost 2 years of travelling to countries, parting knowledge with high profile coaches that have played in the BPL such as former Arsenal Defender, Igor Stepanovs and the rest of the National Latvian team to St Kitts and Nevis, even a stint behind the scenes at Blackburn Rovers on the invitation of the owners, in March 2013, Judan was appointed the Head of Elite Football and Player development of Taiwan. (Also known officially as Chinese Taipei), Currently ranked 174 in FIFA, Judan and the Taiwan FA share a mutual vision of the future and are both passionate that Judan can and will be key in the future success of the Taiwanese reaching World Cup finals.

Judan believes that should the infrastructure be improved this is a possibility as the poor weather plays a huge part in training sessions being cancelled and at international level at best, getting players together in Europe is hard enough let alone organizing this in Taiwan where the typhoons are a regular feature.
Judan Ali & Former Wales & Everton F.C. Goalkeeper Neville Southall
Judan is also faced with the challenges of pitches due to the rain and more all weather pitches are needed for the Elite programmes success. However, Judan is adamant that from what he has seen so far in the selection process is positive and that he will move the players to a playing level where no one else in Asia will be able to compete in the next few years.

Parallel to the Taiwan appointment, Judan is keen on furthering his Indian findings to a different level.  After the success of his Indian youth team each of the players have gone onto playing professional football.  Judan has had support from key international ex professional players in his vision to take Indian players and turn them into professionals with their help at top European clubs and the BPL.
Judan Ali & Clarke Carlisle
Judan feels very strongly about Asian players being missed in England as he was one that encountered many obstacles. “I have no doubt that there is a Messi, Ronaldo Lampard the list goes on waiting to be discovered in India.

I have already identified in my previous project that there are rough diamonds from a population of over 1.2 Billion, and I believe now that there are players that can make the transition, and with the knowledge of Ray Parlour, Neville Southall, Clarke Carlilse and Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink between us all we have a wealth of knowledge of the game to identify in India what players would have what it takes to sustain a career in top flight European football.
I believe that this is the only way in which the break through will happen in numbers, until I see an Asian in top flight football for a period of 5 years minimum I wont rest.”

Judan also believes that along his journey of training the future Taiwanese players, that he has already discovered potential “World Class Talent” and that these players can too make it at top flight football in Europe.

“The challenge for the players is to get training time in, this is being stumped by the lack of availability in all weather surface and the weather causing the sessions to be cancelled! I hope there is an investor(s) out there that shares my vision and understands that if they were to come on board now, the returns would be astronomical when Taiwan reach a World Cup finals.”
Michael Chen Taiwan & Asia PR Executive
This is what Michael Chen – Taiwan and Asia PR Executive had to say:  “Judan Ali is exactly what Taiwan needs! Its been a long time coming, the USA had Basketball & Baseball as their mainstream sports then after the USA world cup.. Major League Soccer has taken the U.S. by storm! Why couldn’t this happen here in Taiwan?  With the right sponsorship and the building of artificial football pitches, its only a matter of time before we see our future players break into the BPL and Europe.  What I have witnessed myself at Judan’s selection processes is first class! Judan’s philosophies makes sense, the way in which the player has the freedom to express him or herself and to have fun and challenge themselves is mind blowing! I hope that Judan can stay for many years and take our country to great things.”

So, to another chapter in the life of Judan Ali and his inspirational journey in world football.

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