By Shaun Fuentes

Ever wondered why Stoke City Kenwyne Jones kisses his arm every time he scores a goal in the Premiership? Well keep wondering because the big striker said in a recent interview that he’d rather keep it a secret.

“Sorry, a lot of people want to know that but I’ll keep that personal,” said Jones who is currently back home in Trinidad on off season and was unveiled this week as a Guinness Ambassador.

Jones lined up for Manchester City in the English FA Cup Final last month, adding that it would be among his memorable occasions. He also had a chat with Dwight Yorke prior to the encounter.

Watching it on TV as a kid is a big difference to actually smelling the pitch on the day.

Yeah, but like any kid growing up you would watch it, but that is only just watching it on TV. It’s a massive, massive difference being a part of it. Playing in the final is a big difference.

“If you try to compare then it stands on the same line. Being in the FA Cup final is a great achievement, but then making the World Cup is a great achievement, playing in the Premier League is a great achievement: they all rank in the same place. Everything can only be at the top, you only have one height you can reach more or less which you stack everything on,” Jones added.

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