If you are wanting to find new and interesting cuisines to try, look no further than some of the favorite foods of international soccer stars. They have traveled the world and tried some of the best cuisines the world has to offer, so their favorites can point you in the right direction.

European Delights

Some of Europe’s best soccer athletes know the best European cultural food the region has to offer. Mesut Özil, who holds the record for five German Player of the Year Awards, absolutely loves menemen. It is a traditional Turkish dish made by sauteing vegetables and spices and then topping it off with eggs. The meal is often served with a nice crusty bread to sop up every last drop. 

If Cristiano Ronaldo is your favorite, then maybe you should try bacalhau à brás, a Portuguese dish. It’s another meal that can be served any time of day. Salted cod is combined with chopped onions and potatoes and then bound together with eggs and topped with olives. It’s no surprise the captain of the national Portugal team would love something original to his home country.

Another comforting egg dish for another European soccer star is eggs and chips. Gareth Bale of Tottenham Hotspur loves the humble dish of potato fries (chips) and eggs. The combo became popular during the rationing of World War II and frankly has never gone away. Jack Carlton of the 1966 World Cup Champion UK team was also known to have craved eggs and chips. 

South American Delicacies


If you love the spices and flavors of South America, check out the favorite of the two-time winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year Award, Ronaldinho.  Ronaldinho loves feijoada, and it’s actually the national dish of his home country Brazil. Feijoada is a delicious stew made with black beans and pork or beef. It’s a hearty and delicious meal you will certainly enjoy as much as the former attacking midfielder does.

Another option to try from South America is the favorite of arguably one of the best players of all time, Lionel Messi. The Barcelona forward adores milanesa napolitana, which is an Argentinian take on the Italian classic dish of veal parmesan. The special added touches to the dish include a slice of ham and usually fries on the side. 

Middle Eastern and North African Morsels

Cesc Fàbregas is currently a central midfielder for Monaco, and although he is Spanish, his favorite dish is actually Arabian. Fàbregas loves mombar, which is an Arab sausage that is traditionally deep-fried. The sausage is made of a mixture of meat, rice, and spices that is often served as a celebratory food in Egypt. Perhaps Fàbregas loves to dine on mombar after all of Monaco’s big victories.

One of the best strikers in the world Karim Benzema loves couscous. Even though the Real Madrid player grew up in France, he certainly was exposed to couscous. It is known as the national dish of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, but is used in all different cuisines around the world. That is easy to love this simple steamed dish of crushed semolina. It is often paired with different vegetables, spices, and meats.  

Asian Feasts

If generous feasts are more to your taste, then be sure to try out Son Heung-Min’s favorite meal of traditional Korean Barbecue. The Tottenham Hotspur forward from Korea enjoys gathering with family and friends for this Asian feast. Where you cook your choice of beef, pork, or chicken over a grill built into a table. The meat portions are generous, but also expect to pig out on multiple vegetable side dishes that compliment all the savory meats.

There are so many amazing foods that most people have never heard of. Luckily you can learn more about what cuisines the world has to offer from some of the best FIFA soccer players. You will definitely want to try some of these favorites if you have the opportunity.