Professional soccer players make a living with their bodies, so they invest a lot of time and resources into staying as healthy as possible. Even if you don’t earn your living on the soccer field, you can take a few tips from the pros to keep your body strong and healthy.


Prepare for Every Workout

Exercise is good for your body, but exercising without the proper preparation can be counterproductive. It’s important to warm up before any workout to reduce the risk of injury. Light exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, or jumping jacks, can help prepare your muscles for a more strenuous workout and help you feel less sore afterward.

If you struggle to find the energy and motivation to work out, a pre-workout supplement may help. Vitamin and mineral supplements may increase your energy and give you the extra push you need to exercise regularly. There are many different supplements available. Some supplements are taken right before a workout, some are a single capsule that you take daily, and some, like Thrive, are multi-step programs. What is Thrive? Read reviews carefully and explore your options to find the supplement that is right for you.


Consult a Nutrition Professional

Fueling your body with the right variety of foods is important for good health. The optimal diet for you will depend on your lifestyle and your health and fitness goals. Professional athletes, for example, often focus on protein, as it is essential for building lean muscle mass.


Navigating nutrition can be challenging, but you don’t need to do it alone. Many pro soccer teams employ a sports nutritionist to help players maintain a healthy diet. If you have questions about nutrition, consider consulting a nutritionist or registered dietitian. A nutritionist can come up with a diet plan that works for your body and may even be able to advise you on the best pre workout supplement to take.


Get Enough Rest

Professional soccer players work hard, but they also take plenty of time to rest. Pushing yourself too hard without proper rest won’t make your workouts any more effective, and you may become injured. Take breaks while exercising to continue getting the most out of your workouts.


Getting enough sleep is also important. Insufficient sleep can affect your focus and your mood, and your muscles may not recover as quickly from exercise, which significantly impacts the effectiveness of your workouts. Be sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep so your body can reset and recover, especially if you’re following a strenuous exercise routine.


Listen to Your Body

Pain is your body’s way of communicating, so don’t ignore it. The pros know that injuries, even those that seem minor, should be checked out right away before they get worse. For a professional soccer player, prompt medical attention could be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a career-ending injury. Even if you don’t have a multi-million dollar contract at stake, the risks of letting an injury or illness go unaddressed far outweigh the hassle of going to the doctor.


Stay Hydrated

It should come as no surprise that pro soccer players drink a lot of water. Hydration is important when you’re exercising, of course; however, you should make sure you’re drinking enough water even if you’re not sweating like a pro athlete. If you don’t already carry a water bottle with you, it’s time to start. Increasing your water intake can increase your energy, improve your focus and aid digestion. Other non-alcoholic beverages, such as soda, energy drinks and juice, will also hydrate you, but be mindful of the calories they contain. Plain water is the healthiest option.


Professional athletes know the importance of staying healthy. You only get one body, so whether you work on the soccer field or in an office, it’s important to take care of it to the best of your ability. Follow the example of the professionals for inspiration and guidance on staying well.