I loved what USMNT left back  Jonathan Bornstein had to say to sideline reporter Brian Dunseth in a post game interview.

When asked what the U.S. players could take from the game and continue to do to improve their chances of being in the squad…Bornstein said that they have to play well for their club teams…watch soccer…and listen to the coaches.

Well Mr. Bornstein, going o for 3 ain’t half bad.

0 for 1…If the United States players just continue to play well for their club teams, the U.S. has no chance of getting to the second round of this summer’s World Cup.

They have to play great for their club teams. They have to dominate (especially if they play in MLS)…and be able to step on the field with the best players in the world on any day and at any time.

0 for 2…Watching soccer is important…if you’re ten years old. Hey Landon, look…I just saw somebody do a pull-back! And did you see how that guy dragged his foot on that throw-in?

0 for 3…Lastly, listening to the coaches and doing what they want. Brilliant. This basically guarantees that we won’t have to worry about all the stress that the knockout rounds bring with them. The LAST thing our players should do is listen to the coaches.

When somebody like Kyle Beckerman gets a call from Coach Bob he should screen it so that he can’t be called into camp. Now that would be doing our country a great service.

If Marvell Wynne gets the nod for a start some time in the future, he should scarf down a double beef burrito and claim that he has cramps so that he can’t play!

Did the U.S. coaches have our guys play such a low level of low pressure that it became NO PRESSURE? Because there were more than a few occasions that Honduras possessed the ball for a dozen passes or so…a dozen!

Again, this wasn’t Spain, Brazil or Germany…this was Honduras, humiliating the U.S. big-time on their own turf.

When the crowd started to Ole…ole the United States, that’s when it really hit home…anyone who thinks that the United States National Team and its programs are headed in the right direction is living in a dream world.

If you don’t believe me, just watch a replay of tonight’s game. If you can stomach it. Coach Bob needs to be fired and a world-reknown proven national team coach needs to be brought in.

That coach will clear house of the dead weight (i.e. Jimmy Conrad…nice idiotic foul) and eradicate any inking of complacency…Sasha what has happened to you?

A new reputable coach will get things moving forward, with or without the same guys we have been looking at for too many months now that have failed to make an impact.

Make the change now or simply pray for the breaks come June. Unfortunately, it’s not up to me…it’s up to them. And we all know how good THEY are at making these types of decisions.

Excuse me now while I go throw-up…it’s a habit that I’ve developed recently after watching the U.S. National Team play and one that I’m sure will continue thru spring and summer.

–Mark Lincir is the Editor-In-Chief of 90:00 Soccer Magazine (www.90soccer.com)

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