FC Barcelona 3-1 Atletico Madrid. 

The blaugrana beat the reigning champion and follow the pace of Real Madrid. The performance was exceptional from Barcelona. Coach reacts in his won words. 

NEYMARLuis Enrique:

“I have no doubt that we played a complete match. We played at a very high level. The fans enjoy watching games like these . We went out with attitude and we were the better side. Atlético are a tough side to play against. They play at the limit and have great players, if you let them they can create chances very quickly.”

“All victories strengthen a team, but it’s just three more points and the season is very long. When we win everyone is happy, but the team is the same whether we win or not.

The fans were incredible. I love that people are so intothe team, theymake us stronger. I’ve never seen fans questioning the team. The shield, the dressing room, Camp Nou and the fans are the leaders of this team.”