Premier League week 2: Swansea 0-4 Manchester United


Remember Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney? The two strikers form last year are no longer with Manchester United and everyone thought it would be very difficult to replace them. The season is early yet the Red Devils scored again 4 goals for the second consecutive time. The signing of the summer in the League, Romel Lukaku from Everton already notched his third goal in the League for the club. Pogba scored in each game and Mkhitaryan who delivered a series of assists are shining for the club. Finally super-sub Martial scored already twice in the few minutes he has played in each game.

This team has been very efficient and finishes strong. Jose Mourinho can be satisfied with the product showcased by his squad and comments:

“I think the team is confident and in both matches winning 1-0 at half-time, we didn’t start the second half looking like we had to keep a clean sheet to win the match. We tried to control the game by keeping the ball and creating chances and we did that in both matches. The players that came on from the bench did well. Easy for me to make decisions, easy for me to make changes. The players make the manager look better and I thank their fantastic attitude, even the ones that weren’t selected because we know we have to have a squad to do something special this season.

The reality of the game was 75 minutes, 1-0 and the result open. Okay, I always felt on the bench the game was under control and the team was confident to have the ball. We were winning 1-0 and not defending and trying to score more goals but the game was open. I feel very happy with the difficulty of the match and the way we explored their fragile moments at the end of the game.

This time last season we had six points from our first two games and we finished sixth. This start means nothing. The important thing for me is we’ve played well in these two games and we have to keep that going. I don’t like that people are looking at these matches and thinking they are easy matches, but the team is consistent and confident and we have to carry on.”

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