Goalkeepers head concussions are numerous and the immediate reaction should be to substitute the injured player for further evaluation and assessment. However, for the sake of the game, mostly they return defending their net. The last case is Hugo Lloris.

The France goalkeeper collied with Everton forward Romelu Lukaku during the game against Tottenham. He suffered a hit to the head but was cleared to resume playing after examination by the Tottenham’s medical team. Go for a few tips ps on sports betting on next Hotpsur game. Medical Services said: “Once the relevant tests and assessments were carried out we were totally satisfied that he was fit to continue playing.”

Following this decision comments will not wait to fall about Coach AVB decided to play with him still. Headway, the brain injury association said that – “We are hugely concerned that a professional football club should take such an irresponsible and cavalier attitude to a player’s health,” Luke Griggs, spokesperson for Headway.

“When a player – or any individual – suffers a blow to the head, a physio or doctor treating a player on pitch simply cannot accurately gauge the severity of the damage caused to the player’s brain in such a setting as there may be delayed presentation of symptoms.

Similar cases happened in the past such as the one of peter Cesc whose elmet might have spared him a second serious head injury against Fulham almost five years after suffering the skull fracture that convinced him to wear it”. Cesc always wears his helmet and it protects him from further brain injuries.

Additional information is provided by FIFA on its website fifa.com: Concussions will heal on their own over several days. During this time, absolute rest is required including activities in which you need to concentrate, such as text messaging, video games or learning. When you are free of symptoms, a step-by-step guide will take you gradually back to play.

The question is, should gear mask for goalkeepers be mandatory  in International football?


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