By Eike Zwicker

A German B selection cannot defend a 2:0 lead and has to accept two late goals.

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In the first game after the World Cup of South Africa coach Joachim Löw had to change a lot of positions in his line-up. All go-to guys got their time out, especially concerning the start of the new Bundesliga season. Löw had just six players out of his South Africa selection in his line-up. On the other hand the head coach of Denmark went without Bendtner, Tomasson (who retired after the World Cup) and Christian Poulsen.

During streaming rain Denmark (photo) controlled the first minutes of the game and developed first chances, but neither Agger with a header (7th), nor Eriksen with a free kick (9th) could score a goal. Just after 15 minutes the “white eagles” began to play and nearly with their first chance, after a nice assist of Hitzlsperger, Gomez scored the flattering lead for Germany. “Danish Dynamite” was considerably surprised by this goal with the outcome that they did not continue with their attacking soccer. The German squad improved their game and created some chances, but without success. Finally Denmark had the last action of the first half when German goalkeeper Wiese saved a shot of Rommedahl.

Denmark came out of the changing room with two new players, whereas Germany coach Löw trusted into the same eleven players. Quickly after the start of the second half, the team of Morten Olsen could tie the game, but first Pedersen failed to score against Wiese and second Tasci blocked the follow-up shot on the goal line (47th).

Hereinafter, Denmark created further chances, but Agger hammered the ball from 5 meters, without an opponent against the post (56th). After 56 minutes coach Joachim Löw decided to bring in some reserves: Riether and Hunt came for Beck and Marin. Especially Hunt justified his change with a heavy shot against the post (60th). The game went on with chances on both sides. After a further substitution the German selection increased the lead, when the new player Patrick Helmes outsmarted the Danish goalkeeper with a low shot in the left corner (73th). But immediately after the kick off, Denmark hit back after a horrible misdirected pass of Tasci and Rommedahl scored the goal which leaves the scoring side only one down for Denmark (74th). Finally after further promising chances on both sides, Denmark tied the game after an unfortunate save at the end of the penalty area of Wiese, who performed well until then. All in all, it was a well deserved tying goal of Denmark.

On September 3, 2010 the German selection will play their first game of the European Championship qualification against Belgium.


Wiese – Beck – Boateng – Tasci – Schäfer – Gentner – Hitzlsperger – Träsch – Kroos – Marin – Gomez


56th Riether for Beck

56th Hunt for Marin

66th Helmes for Hitzlsperger

78th C. Schulz for Boateng

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