Aloha Sunset Palapas!

Another major piece of the Galveston Pirate sponsorship jigsaw fell into place today with the news that Sunset Palapas joined forces with the club and proudly finds itself as the main Away uniform sponsor.The Dickinson based tropical furniture manufacturer are the latest local company to jump on board the Pirate ship as it steers it’s way through the soccer infested waters around the Bay Area.

Sunset Palapas are Houstons best manufacturer of the highest quality range of thatch products from gazebos, villas, huts, cabins, bungalows, tiki bars, poolside bars, custom pergolas and timber decks.

Sunset Palapas umbrellas and gazebos are a great way to enhance your lifestyle with unique character and atmosphere in your very own backyard, business or residential setting. This is resort style living!

Sunset Palapas specialize in thatch products and are committed to providing the best quality structures at Houstons best prices. As a manufacturer of quality thatch products for over 10 years they stand by their product and guarantee you will be satisfied with the end result.

They are licensed, bonded and insured and with the experience and expertise they have in the Palapa process, they know what’s right and wrong in making a long lasting Palapa structure. Their superior quality and unsurpassed service has set them where they are today.

They also offer other services such as decks, arbours, porches, stained concrete, custom cabinets, and a variety of other services that deal with turning a backyard into a paradise.

Whether tropical or contemporary they have what you want.

Pirate owner and head coach Brendan Keyes said:”I met with Sunset Palalpas owner David Norcross and the two of us just hit it off.”
“We are both in the process of growing our businesses and it is a perfect fit as we grow together.”
“I am really excited about working with David and his company Sunset Palapas. I was admiring his work at Floyd’s seafood restaurant when I spotted his phone number and gave him a call. We met up the next day, had a beer and discussed the possibility of Sunset Palapas sponsoring our new Admiral away kit. David agreed so we penned a deal that will see a new Pirate Cove being built in my back yard as part of the partnership.” said Keyes.Sunset Palapas Owner David Norcross went on to say:”It’s a great deal for my company and will give us maximum exposure in not only Texas but nationwide. The Galveston Pirate’s are a Professional Soccer team on the rise and so are Sunset Palapas. We are very excited about working with the team and having our name on the front of Pirate away Shirts propels the awareness of Sunset Palapas to new levels.”

Brendan Keyes continued on by saying:”It’s a great relief to have both shirts sponsored in our first season in the NPSL, it just goes to show how far the team has come in a very short time.  The Galveston Pirate’s have only been around two years and this will be the the first year at this level of play but we expect to do very well this opening season.”
“The guys are ready for the upcoming season and with Sunset Palapas on board our ship we are already off to a flying start.  I am really excited about this deal and love the work David and his company are doing. They are the very best at what they do and I look forward to having our BBQ parties at my house with the new Pirates Cove going up soon.” Brendan finished off.

Both Brendan and David wandered off into the sunset together hopefully without the need for purchasing hula skirts together. The next time we’ll see them side by side, they’ll be sipping a pina colada down at the soon to be built Pirates Cove!

For information on Sunset Palapas visit their website   or call David @ 832 226 6288.

Marc Roseblade is a contributor for 90 Soccer and Not Just Scottish Football. He works as PR for Ayr United Football Academy and Galveston Pirate Soccer Club. Marc’s main passions revolve around lower league, youth and women’s football. You can follow Marc on Twitter @myscottishfitba