Whether it’s your first time or you’re a returning player, kick off your career as a genius tactician by following these Football Manager 2020 tips. Watch out, though! The game usually goes free-to-play to ensure you get off to a flying start in charge of your selected club. So, let’s take a look at these ideas to help you during your journey!

Delegate Responsibilities

Even if you’re a veteran of the franchise or this is your first Football Manager game, Football Manager 2020 has made the “Staff Responsibilities” segment much more comprehensive. You will now have over 100 different responsibilities you can assign. Whether you want to be in charge of transfers, matches and tactics, or everything from under-18 friendly matches to individual player training, you can personalize your responsibilities the way you want.

Make Most of The Medical Centre

Keep a watchful eye on the medical centre! That’s because there’ll be risk assessments in there that can help make your team selection automatically. Keep in mind not to overload your players and put them on the pitch when they’re at high risk of getting injured. The good thing is that your staff will give you a general assessment. Players who are especially at risk will be highlighted.

Establish Some Short-term Scouting Responsibilities

Chances are it’ll be the start of the transfer window once you start your journey. One of the options is to find the weak areas of your team through the first couple of friendly matches. Followed by applying some short-term scouting responsibilities to find players that meet your custom parameters. You can choose the role, position, ability, age, and more.

Keep Things Easy at the Lower Levels

You might want to keep things simple with your tactics unless you’re playing in the top divisions in each country. You can’t take the wheel at York City and push them to play a vertical tiki-taka game with a complete forward and overlapping full-backs. The reason is simple, they’re not good enough. Don’t push too many instructions. Simply go back to basics and keep it tight at the back!

Player Roles are Important

Each player has his best position! But they’ll also have advanced player roles. For instance, Van Dijk at Liverpool is a centre back. His best role by far is, however, a ball-playing defender with a cover duty instead of a standard central defender. Avoid having too many players in the same position. Or else they’ll try to do the same thing in-game and neutralize one another rather than complimenting.

Try Other Equally Interesting Football Games…

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