The most beautiful and symbolic season of world’s most prestigious club competition “UEFA CHAMPIONS” league in the recent decade was ended with Real Madrid sealed their 11th championship glory known as “undecima” to further stamp their iconic legacy as the most decorated football club in the history of this tournament and with a unique record that would be unreachable for any other side at least for a very long time. the final match between Real and Atletico was the repeat of 2014 duel which offered Atletico with the chance to get a revenge of 4-1 defeat in the final of that season and ultimately achieving their dream of winning the their first trophy following their glorious journey on the way to this intense battle. both sides apparently were so committed and ambitious to display their game plan with fully awareness of vital strength and possible lapses at their sight to be available at their opponent’s sight for do or die scenario, the fact set the game eventually in that way. the positive expectations to deliver was on the shoulder of Gareth Bale after his incredible performances towards the end of season to ignite pivotal flair and penetration in attack along with Ronaldo leading the line in partnership of Bezema in the most familiar fashion, the dimension of three men midfields engineered the heart of Real’s passing build up with Modric orchestrating as central attacker in front of Kroos and Pepe in more rhythmic shape when switching to three versatile midfield line with Modric and Kroos shifting wide to link with bale and benzema’s crafty overlap runs in sparking fine combination play with Ronaldo as target man across the central positions for their best attacking intent, while deeply were packed as Pepe occupying defensive holding role and off the possession it would have seen Kroos dropped deep to join Pepe pressing and Modric monitoring the change of play for transition against Atletico’s combative and solid defensive line through their timely pressing plan commanded by Koke and Juan Fran. Real high tempo tendency soon turned the game to their favor, particularly as their effort to limit Koke from making open runs in transitions for Atletico in the midfield that often triggers maximum precision to combine with their attackers in rapid breakaway counter to dismantle opponents; the strategy that proved very sufficient in the previous rounds, and Real midfield men had shown a sharpness to limit that idea. their first chance came inside the 5th minutes. Gareth Bale fired a fearsome free-kick from right flank which was connected with Pepe’s touch to fiercely seemed to pass the line, only denied with Oblak wonderful reflection on the line kept Real from scoring. Zidane’s men soon intensified their high tempo play with Bale sparking neat interchanging at the heart of their movements. he picked up Modrid through pass in the 12 minutes before freeing Benzema on right as French man wrong footed his marker to send in a cross but Oblak once again pounced it away. they soon scored the opener with a little luck of course, Kross sent in a curling free kick from left which allowed Bale flicking a header towards the goal while Ramos stretching attempt to hit the ball nearly missed, but the it strangely squeezed past under Oblak into the net and signaled a possible enjoyable evening for Los Blancos. the goal could be credited to Madrid’s determination and fine display in the earlier spell of the first half, however Atletico slowly began to initiate some desirable passing movements in the midfield through Koke’s ambitious opening from deep to link up with Saul’s run to coordinate fine link up transitions going forward and allowing possession with Griezmann involving to provide flair and neat touches up front, but they had to wait for equalizer after interval. right into the first minute of the second half, the French man exchanged a fine slick passes with Koke when drifting centrally and sharply sliced a through ball into Torres path inside the box who was brought in down by Pepe’s tackle and the outcome was penalty. Griezmann stepped behind the spot but smashed his powerful shot to underside of the post to waste the chance and left their bench into some disappointment. the French sensation instead commanded Atletico’s attacking movements more eagerly orchestrate essential passing build-up and imposing vital change of pace that involved Saul and Torres before Simeone’s masterful substitution decision in bringing Yannik Ferreira Carrasco as he provided a needed inspiration to level the terms eventually. their energetic play out wide paid off 10 minutes from the end when Juan Fran operated on the right and superbly combined with Koke’s dink pass to run behind the defense and while the ball was midway through air he turned in an excellent first time wide cross to the far post before Belgian midfielder beating his marker Pepe to fire the ball into the top corner and sparked a wild celebration through into their bench and through their fans in regaining Atletico’s recently famous scenario changing strategy and game-winning spirit, the elements that led to elimination of Barcelona and Bayern and once again put them on the brink of achieving their ultimate dream. the further intensity and pressing challenges pushed the game into extra time as Diego Simeone’s side continued their energetic effort to control the game and Real instead appeared virtually exhausted to fight their strong rival and visibly became fearful of being drawn into wire of losing the battle in every moment near the final whistle, therefore; holding it to their teeth and looking to raid on break-through counter on the other end. inside the 108 minutes Griezmann dazzled through rush of tackles to pick up Torres as he switched onto his right to pick up Carrasco but his attempted cross went over the bar. the flash of creativity from Griezmann and Carrasco ignited exciting moments to interchanges on the final third to kill the match but Real back line stayed firmed to the pressure with Ramos, Pepe and Carvajal shouting the spaces, they nearly brought in the winning play when Bale quickly set Ronaldo free high up the left wing but his attempt to cut inside Philipe Luis was blocked with no sight of clear cut chance and the remaining moments of this superbly intense and equally tactical challenge had no winner and settled the stage into the dramatic penalty kick scenario to decide the champions. the seven initial shooters converted accurately from the spot, four of Real players Lucas Vasquez, Marcelo, Bale and Ramos for Real and Griezmann, Gabi and Niguez for Atletico and when Juan Fran hit the post Ronaldo sealed the final kick and sealed his team their 11th European championship, the most a football club has achieved in the history of this competition.

Real Madrid verdict: they clinched the most glorious prize of continent thanks to their  inelegant tactical structure, highly vital leadership and productive individual performances by likes of Bale, Modric and Ramos on their ultimate road to the trophy and significantly through their superior mentality and incredible winning character. Zidane is fairly considered now as one of the most successful and symbolic coaches in the European history after this achievement. he took over the job 8 months ago from Rafa Benitez during the club’s fierce struggling spell of the season, but his astonishing man-management vision, sheer genius coaching style and more importantly his amazingly personality leadership to reinvigorate his squad’s confidence and character, while dedicating an inspirational pathway to regain their reputation as world’s most decorated team to become yet again a legit title contender with superior style and well-defined strategy, he deeply developed a crucial and adaptive tactical strategy to get the best out of his stars like Bale, whom has been critically played some part of his true potential up to early this season since his arrival to the club, but under Zidane managerial era he rapidly became the sole inspiration and main creative weapon of the team, leading them all through the final and the team largely was built around him. the presence of Benzema and Modric-Kroos partnership to engineer movements in midfield took shape along with their balanced and experienced defensive line.

Atletico verdict: Diego Simeone must definitely proud of his side for what they produced and achieved this season, a very solid and organized side with extremely crucial balance in switching the game from efficent pressing order to fluid and speedy attacking, indicating their tactical methods based on the maximum precision and this defeat only could be described logically and fairly as a single toss of the glass with full water, the one reached beyond the poured capacity, but with one end channel to explode, which awas their unfaithful dream in penalty kick. they longlastingly represented the glorious character of champions during their navigation to the final and their unfaithful outcome of being denied at the trophy instead will be equally contributed to the fair share of regret and enthusiasm that goes down to one of the greatest occasion of Europe’s history.

the sights and sounds of this championship surely brings pure excitements and proud to both Madrid side, but deeply has highlighted some facts about future as well. Ronaldo now would claimed to be ranked among the best footballers of all time and ultimately be the sole inspiration of his own generation after this championship, his second with Real Madrid and of course third once he won it in 2008 with Manchester United. during this season he carried tremendous pressure from fans and media most often for his form and leadership, but to highest level of critics he managed to prove many points as Real best player overall. with several speculation linking him with a eventual move to other leagues after a very challenging and touch era, he definitely feel more comfortable and fully delighted about his mission at Madrid, ending all the contradictions and turning the light to his long-lasting legacy as Club’s iconic player and holding his shoulder high before making any decision about his future. it might be time for him to say goodbye to the club he became the lengend, moreover; he developed a heritage that will be only remembered how enjoyed his Madrid career and with the best reason to seek his future in PSG or in other leagues.


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