FC Dallas clinched the WPSL Big Sky South title at the weekend with a 11-1-0 record this season which was eventually tied up with the 4-0 victory over Fort Worth Panthers on Friday night at TCU.


Goals from Mexican national team members Monica Alvarado and Alina Garciamendez were added to Michelle Young and Hannah Higgins strikes that gave the MLS franchise the victory that earned them victory.


The title winning side will face off against the only team that has beaten them this season, Oklahoma FC, next weekend and beyond that the national final four is the ultimate goal for them.


FC Dallas coach Darrin Hedges said. 

“We have some players I would say are outstanding players, and then we have players who get in there and do the hard work, the grunt work. We play to win the game, and our goal is to make it to the national final four. Once we get there, we’ll take care of it from there.”

 “If we’re fortunate enough to get there, we’ll look to claim the title.”


We’ll be rooting for you ladies, bring the title back to Texas


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