Champions League – FC Barcelona 3-1 Ajax

Coach Luis Enrique reacts:

“Generally I liked the game. “We were very much the better team in the first half. There were ten minutes when they could have got back into it, but they were ten very isolated minutes … We ended up winning deservedly. We were much more powerful than our opponent.”

“We were more powerful than our opponent”

On conceding a goal late in the game: “That’s the risk you face if you don’t finish games off” .

On taking off his star strikers Messi and Neymar: “We had planned to make those changes as long as the result was going the way we had hoped it would.”

On Iniesta: “He has been playing his best football since the start of the season, and Mascherano brings a certain sense to the team and is a spectacular defender.”

On the Clasico vs Real Madrid and his starting XI: “That’s a nice problem. Like any coach I am trying to keep all of my players happy. Any of these players could start at the Bernabéu and could perform well.”

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