A lot of the names associated with Bingo numbers are so well known, they’re often used in every day conversation; things like two fat ladies for 88, Kelly’s eye for number one and so on.

Now these terms are great – and they’re part of the great Bingo tradition. But for those of us who enjoy getting our “eyes down” online, perhaps they’re getting a little dated for the modern age?

And for those of us who love football, we thought we’d have a little fun and decide which player best represents today’s online Bingo calls using their old traditional names. You’ll soon get the picture…

So the most famous call of all, two fat ladies, has to go to Man United and England striker Wayne Rooney for his rather chequered history in terms of romantic dalliances and his constant struggle against weight gain – both of which add up to two fat ladies – much to the opposing fans’ delight of course. It was a close call for Wayne between 88 and 76; “was she worth it?”

Number seven “Lucky for Some” shall henceforth be given the name John Terry for his recent exoneration in court after allegedly racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand. There are many numbers we could have given to John Terry after his own dalliance with Wayne Bridge’s ex, like naughty, naughty 69, but that would be too near the knuckle.

And talking of knuckles, we’ll henceforth call 51’s “Tweak of the Thumb” Wayne Bridge after he snubbed a handshake with John Terry following Terry’s alleged affair with his ex-girlfriend.

On a more serious note; “Man alive number five” has to go to Bolton Wanderers midfielder Fabrice Muamba – who collapsed whilst playing in an FA Cup tie against Spurs on March 17. Muamba’s heart stopped for 78 minutes, but he has since made a miraculous recovery and is fortunate to be alive after the nation’s prayers were answered.

Meanwhile, 71 “Bang on the Drum” is awarded to England’s faithful fans who never seem to give up hope – and always do the country proud, banging the drum, playing the trumpets and shouting England on all around the globe – only to see them exit in the quarter-finals on penalties, seemingly whatever the competition!

Last but not least, “Bulls Eye, number 50” goes to Chelsea and England’s Ashley Cole who accidentally shot a 21-year-old student on work experience with an air rifle at Chelsea’s training ground last year. He shot at the sports science student from only five feet away but was unaware the rifle was loaded. To be fair – we could have gone for “Droopy Drawers, 44”!