By Alex Labidou

With the World Cup winding down, many will speculate where to watch the tournament’s final games. In addition to having plenty of side festivities including late night parties, a miniature pitch and shipping containers turned into stores, New York City’s South Street Seaport’s PUMA City should be one of the ideal spots to catch the final.

The venue closes shop after the final and any soccer fan who hasn’t experienced the unique innovative scene should definitely stop by before July 11th.

Don’t miss: PUMA’s Social Club parties. Every night, PUMA has parties in their custom made club in the Seaport. There have been celebrities and musicians galore at the locale and Big Boi from Outkast is hosting tonight. The Social Club’s final night is July 10th.


  1. How can you be passionate about football when you belittle and insult it by calling it sohhhhckrrr?

    Come on, catch-up to the rest of the world….

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