By Mark Vincent Lincir

There might not be a more entertaining duo than Eric Wynalda and Nick Webster on soccer television right now. The U.S. Hall of Famer and co-host of Fox Football Fone-In took a few minutes to talk shop about his off-camera relationship with Webster, how badly he would smoke his co-host if they ever settled it on the pitch and why Landon should have stayed.

If you played FFF co-host Nick Webster in a 1 v 1 soccer game…what would the score be and how many times would you meg him?

Depends on what we were playing up to really. Let’s just say we were playing up to ten. The final score would be 10-2. I am sure I would meg him at least once.

You and Nick joke around quite a bit on the show…do you ever smack him around afterwards for talking too much trash?

Nick and I have become great friends. Most of the trash talking is in good fun. He makes jokes about me being a prima dona and I remind him that he’s never played at a high level and that he’s bald. I will say this, people need to know that he is extremely talented, on both sides of the camera.

MLS needs some big-time news with Beckham being out…how about making a comeback?
No comebacks. Not even in the booth!

Will Real Salt Lake repeat as champs?

Whoever is in the best form 6 months from now, wins. MLS is all about the late surge.

Should Landon Donovan have stayed at Everton?

As an American, I have really enjoyed being proud of our best player proving to a lot of people that he’s real. The rest of the world needed proof. I think they got it

Landon, as have many of us, has made a decision for the greater cause of seeing the sport grow in America. Problem is, there are no more challenges for him in MLS. His decision to stay is an honorable one but, in my humble opinion, he simply needs to be challenged and prepared. When those two elements come together, he is truly amazing

I will be silently hoping he finds the next challenge soon, where ever that is
(Okay well, not so silently).

You can catch Eric on Fox Football Fone-In, Mondays on the Fox Soccer Channel.

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  1. That is weak…why didnt you ask him about his 5 a side failure at the 2005 Coaches convention in Philly when they were upset in the quarter finals by some kids!!! You were there, you know!!!

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