A leading UK e-cigarette retailer is using EURO 16 to unite European e-cigarette users ahead of the UK Brexit vote on the 23 June.

Cigara, who have e-cigarette outlets throughout the UK, have launched a Euro Vapers Fantasy Football League which officially begins on Friday (10 June) when the opening match between France and Romania kicks off.

Vapers will pit their managerial wits against each other for the chance to win a luxurious weekend for two in Paris, free e-liquids for a year, vouchers and mystery prizes.

Mark Bentley, a spokesperson for Cigara said: “The Euro Vapers League aims to unite the vaping community and celebrate our love for football and vaping.

“At a time when Europe is united in football, the EU has just brought in laws for e-cigarette use that are quite the opposite. Vapers all over Europe are very unhappy that the EU are trying to unfairly treat e-cigarettes as a tobacco product and using them as a vehicle for extra tax revenue rather than the very successful anti-smoking device they undoubtedly are.

“Since 2005 the EU have been making laws to harmonise the distribution and marketing of tobacco products. The aim of the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) was to try and ensure all tobacco products traded within the EU meet the same standards and are distributed in the same manner; to avoid creating areas of anti-competitive standards within the Eurozone.

“But in 2013 it was decided that electronic cigarettes and e-liquids should be brought under the TPD, however there was too little time to create any meaningful legislation for e-cigarettes. Everything was out of date by the time the directive was signed off and sadly we are left with an ambiguous document that came into force last month.

“The TPD was so badly devised that Lord Callanan and other Lords have decided to try to ditch the EU legislation. If the Lords decide to back the motion the legislation can be blocked by the House of Commons.

“However, a Brexit vote on June 23 could well change everything.”

To join the Euro Vapers League, visit www.eurovapersleague.com/join and follow the simple sign up process. Managers will then receive an email with the instructions and information they will need.

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