MLS: New York City F.C. 2-0 New England Revolution

Coach Kreis reacts after first win during home debut at Yankee Stadium in front of 43.000 fans:

“I actually had a notion this was going to be a good week for him because I think he’s been fantastic in the training sessions this week. We don’t get around people like him very often that can finish with the percentage that he finishes chances with.”

“I know he’s an incredibly talented player, an incredibly smart player and he’s not shy of working hard. For me, he’s the exact type of player who will be incredibly successful in this league, but it will take some time.”

“I don’t know if I’ve gone through a week of training and not seen David sharp. … He always looks pretty sharp to me,” Grabavoy said. “I’m glad we could find him in some better spots.”

David Villa:

I’m very pleased with the performance today. Obviously we’re still growing as a new team, but we are delighted. “We scored two goals, we could have scored some more goals in the second half. I want to take this opportunity to thank the fans publicly, on a cold day like this to give us the support they gave us.”

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