Well Dani Osvaldo’s foray into English football is falling flatter than a half-baked soufflé. He has been in England for less than six months yet it seems that a return to Inter Milan is on the cards.

His arrival in England caused a media frenzy, the British tabloids knew all about his bad boys antics back in Italy, so we knew it was just a matter of time before we witnessed his madcap antics. During his formative months in England he seemed like a reformed character, shirking the headlines all the way up to December.

Then on December 14th the red-mist descended as he was involved in a touchline fracas with Newcastle goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman, a 44-year-old man. The Italian forward was banned for three games and fined £40,000.

This crack in the armour went deep and finally exposed the true Dani Osvaldo, as an explosive and potentially hazardous character, a player that is near impossible to assimilate with the rest of the squad. Then on the 23rd of Janaury, the worst side of Osvaldo came out, during a training session he is reported to headbutted Southampton defender Jose Fonte, eye witnesses claim that there was blood everywhere, causing football blogs all over the world to go into overdrive, some even went as far as suggesting that a sword was brandished.

Perhaps the British public would be disappointed if Osvaldo moves to Inter Milan, but that seems highly unlikely as he did not perform in the Premier League. This is a key point, for all his rumoured talent and skill, he has never shown it in England. Three league goals in 12 league games does not correlate success, in fact it’s a barometer that his has been less than stellar.

Osvaldo’s brief stint in England will be remembered by his thuggery and not his football, and with such an unstable player the Saints are best rid.

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