Champions League: Real Madrid 3-0 Wolfsburg 

Cristiano Ronaldo was again magical for Real Madrid. He tied the game with two back to back goals in just a minute and finished off the comeback win with his hat-trick. A phenomenal performance form a very special player who can make you win the Champions League.

Zidane comments on the comeback victory:

“I’m coming away with the feeling that we did a good job. It wasn’t easy but I come away happy and proud of what they did tonight. It was a special night and we achieved what we were looking for. I’m really happy for the players because what they did together was phenomenal.

It’s not east to start how we did, scoring two goals in 15 minutes. We went in with a really high intensity. We showed the opposition that it was important for us to win and go through. What we had to do today was play with intensity but using our heads. That was my message, to not think it would be easy and to play with our heads. We achieved it in 90 minutes. Scoring three goals against this team wasn’t easy. We lost the first game, but we won and we turned it around.

What can I say about Cristiano Ronaldo. He is demonstrating what he is, the best player in the world. That’s what makes him a special player. He need all the team and that’s what he wants: to speak about the team, of what they have done together. He needs the others to be able to do what he’s done. He’s special because not everyone can score three goals.

“It wasn’t an easy game. It’s true, from the point of view of a coach it was incredible, after being 2-0 behind the players have played incredibly. It’s my best game as a coach. As a coach it’s much more difficult, but I’m happy. I’m not worried about what could happen, I concentrate on the day to day. There are difficult moments, like the first-leg, but there’s no need to drive yourself crazy”.

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