New York Red Bulls 1-0 Columbus Crew. The win was not enough for the New Yorkers, as they lost the first leg 2-0, to pass the Crew and advance to the MLS Cup.

Here are the retains from the Columbus Crew players:

“Columbus deserves a championship from the Crew,” said goalkeeper Steve Clark. “Our fans deserve it, the city deserves it. We’ve been supported all year – you saw the support last weekend – and I’m sure if [MAPFRE Stadium] is not already sold out, it will be sold out in the next few hours.

“We really take passion in ‘Columbus’ across our chest, and we hear ‘Oh, it’s just Columbus, Ohio.’ We hear that, and we want to fight for that. We’re ready.”

Striker Kei Kamara “You win games, everything changes for a club. It doesn’t matter what club it is. The fact that we’re winning games and now we’ve won the first trophy of the year, a lot of things have to change in the city.

“We’re that underdog, small-market team,” Meram said. “[We’re a] group of guys that we believe in ourselves, the coaches believe in us, and I think that’s what carries so much weight in these games. You’re playing for the guy next to you. As cliché as that might sound, that’s it. It’s an unbelievable locker room, and it’s special.”

While for the New York Red Bulls, it was supposed to be the year for a Championship but it failed again. here are some quotes heard after the match:

“To fail in the playoffs again, in the two biggest games, we just weren’t good enough,” McCarty said. “I’m never going to beat around the bush and lie and say that we deserved to advance when we didn’t. In the two biggest games of the season, [we] – as a team – failed but  at the beginning of the season somebody would’ve told us, ‘You guys are going to be the highest scoring team in the league, win a Supporters’ Shield and get to the Conference Finals and get yourselves close to MLS Cup,’ I think everybody at Red Bull would’ve said, ‘Ok, that’s a good season. We’ll take that.’”

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