Customers will be able to test award winning boots in store and learn more about ground-breaking technology

July 1, 2010

Concave Sports is pleased to report that Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc., always in the forefront of bringing exciting new technology products to its customers, is introducing the revolutionary Concave soccer shoe line in 60 of its stores across 13 states.

To support the launch, which begins in early July, Concave and Dick’s are collaborating to give customers a unique opportunity to test the boots in kicker tube events.  The Concave kicker tube calculates the speed of individual shots, allowing participants to experience the effect of 15 percent more power and 30 percent greater accuracy that the boots deliver, according to independent testing.  The events will rotate among stores nationally on a set schedule.

Earlier this year, at the Avid Soccer Equipment Review’s annual awards in Los Angeles, California,

Concave won “Best Boot” and “Most innovative Product” awards over some of the best known brands in the market.  And the United Kingdom’s highly influential football website,, cited the Concave PT+ as one of its “Football Boots of the Decade”, claiming Concave is an “inspiration”.

What is most unique about Concave boots is the patented concave shaped component on the upper ridge line, which creates a four times larger striking surface, or sweet spot, than any other boot.  It is what allows players at all levels of competition to execute kicks with more accuracy, control and power than with a conventional soccer boot – which is reminiscent of how tennis racquets and golf clubs with larger sweet spots revolutionized their sports.

The concave component, which is made from a patented lightweight polyurethane foam element, ‘cups’ the ball to generate more accuracy, power and control on a consistent basis.  The cushioning also protects against foot injuries – just when current mainstream soccer boot designs are being widely suspected of failing to provide adequate injury protection.

Although Concave is a relative newcomer to the soccer boot industry, having introduced its first technologically advanced prototype model in the fall of 2008, the brand has been in development for nearly eight years of research and testing involving both players and industry leading test equipment.  Now the boots are being worn exclusively by an expanding community of professional, semi-professional, amateur and grass roots players of all descriptions and are being worn at the highest levels of FIFA, UEFA and USSF sanctioned competitions.

John O’Shea, veteran star of the English Premier League’s perennial powerhouse Manchester United, is a leading spokesman for the brand.  He said:  “The boots are unique in design and offer exclusive technology which hasn’t been seen before.  They offer me increased protection and confidence, and I hope to be wearing Concave for the rest of my career.”

He added:   “As a professional football player it is crucial that I wear a boot that can help maximise my performance on the pitch.  I believe the Concave PT+ Classic is the next big thing in football.”

Dick’s will be offering a range of Concave boots that extends from the new PT+ Classic at the top of the line, priced at $199 and worn predominantly by professionals, to the PT Mini children’s line.  In between are the PT+ and PT1, plus the PT Dome indoor shoe.  Some color variations are available, including two that are exclusive to Dick’s.

The sole plate comes in firm ground blades and a rounded mould configuration. The outsole is comprised of lightweight two-part injected TPU, boasting a minimal external heel counter that contributes to additional stability and comfort.

A Shank Balance Stabiliser in some models provides further support and reinforcement to the mid-foot area to prevent over-extension of the middle of the foot that can lead to metatarsal bone damage. The upper of the PT+ Classic is made of premium K-leather for maximum durability and comfort in a minimum weight package that is aided by the boot’s unique concealed lace system.

All Concave boots feature the brand’s exclusive, revolutionary technology.

Mark Mackay, Concave’s senior vice president, global sales and marketing, stated:   “We are delighted to be able to partner with Dick’s Sporting Goods, who are leading the way in offering consumers the very best selection of products and innovation in the rapidly growing soccer category.  This is a perfect match because Concave technology is destined to evolve the game of soccer.”

For more information or for access to Concave’s extensive range of product photographs contact Caitlin Gambee, True North Brand Group, Inc., 781-740-4050

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