Liga BBVA – FC Barcelona 0-1 Malaga

Coach Luis Enrique regrets the lack of offense:

“We weren’t patient enough, either individually or as a team. It was tough to find space, and when that happens what you see is what you get.”

“The result hurts but Málaga had the right approach. When our opponents have played back we’ve been able to find a way to score, but today we were off a bit and they were spot on. It’s as if we almost deserved to lose.”

Mistakes are made as a team; that means the coach and the players. We don’t point fingers.”

On the next game at Manchester City: “When we lose it hurts and it’s tough to leave behind, but we’ll try to be the same-old Barça in Manchester.

“The sooner the next match the better. It’s the best way to forget about the last one.”

On Barça’s chances in La Liga: “Whoever has the most points at the end will win the league. We’ll see who that is. There’s a lot of league left.”

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