Premier League matchday 21  – key notes:

Leicester 0-3 Chelsea 

Chelsea did not leave any chance to the last League champion and logically disposed of a weak side ranked 15th in the table. 

Coach Conte comments the easy win:

“I’m pleased because after 13 wins in a row, and then after a defeat, it’s always very difficult to know the reaction of your team, but our reaction in the FA Cup and today in the league was very good. They showed me great will to fight, to win, and also thanks to our fans. They pushed us a lot from the start to the end. It’s important to continue together, always together. We must enjoy this victory. We deserved it. 

Now, we started the second part of the season, we played the second game. Every game now the points are very heavy for all the teams. We stay on the top of the table and if you win you put pressure on the other teams. We started this game with great pressure after the Tottenham and Arsenal victories. We must show good experience to manage this situation. In every game it will be very important to not lose points.”

Swansea 0-4 Arsenal

A clean sheet and a strong performance from Wenger’s men as he reacts to the win:

“We had some problems to get going but I put that down to the fact that Swansea played very well in the first half. They were well-organised, they put unbelievable work in and certainly the second half we took over and they couldn’t follow the pace that we put into the game any more.

We were relentless until the end and much sharper in the transitions and more accurate and quicker in our passing. That made a big difference.”

On Alexis coming from the bench: 

“Look, he is hugely influential, Sanchez. You look at the numbers, he had scored 13 goals, seven assists, now 14 goals. So he was involved in about 25 goals in our team. But we also had players on the bench who are strikers, who need competition.”

Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 WBA

Six straight wins for Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs are the hottest teams in the League and forward Harry Kane seemed to have found his groove back. Coach Pochettino is delighted with his team’s current form:

“I’m very proud. The effort of the players was amazing, fantastic and we played wonderful football. It was one of our best performances so far and I’ve only good things to say. It was difficult to break them down last season and they are a very good, physical team but the way we played it was impossible for them to stop us.

We pressed a lot and we competed again like we did against Chelsea and Aston Villa. That was great and a good sign we’re improving. The players delivered and I thought it was fantastic how they played, it was an amazing performance and an amazing result. We’ve learned a lot from last season and we’re more mature, that’s a good thing to show we can compete for the big things in the future.”

The last game was the clash between Manchester United and Liverpool which concluded the 21st matchday week to a 1-1 draw. Liverpool sits at the second place while Manchester United is four points behind 4th place. 

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