English Premier League – Swansea 0-5 Chelsea

Coach Jose Mourinho praises the performance:

‘It was the perfect game. Everything went in our direction.

‘To score in the first minute immediately gives a different game. To be 4-0 up at half-time is not game over, especially in the Premier League, but it’s a good situation to control it and we did that in the second half.’

‘The team was solid defensively and in attack obviously they took chances and were aggressive in the way they thought. They had ambition.’

‘The team is playing with high quality and with a clear identity of playing. Sometimes teams are good and play well but without a clear identity. This team all season have been trying to go in a certain direction where we have a certain kind of way to play football.

‘There is no history without titles. If we play fantastically well but we don’t win cups I think in 20 years’ time nobody will remember this team. Obviously everybody wants the team to play very well – I am the first one – but we have to win competitions.

‘This team is a young team with lots of years in front of them. We are trying this season and we are going to try until our limits to make some history by winning something.’

‘It’s fair to say this game was difficult to prepare for them without three players in the same position.

On the lead.. ‘I don’t think they feel the pressure. They have to win; we knew that we had to win. We don’t feel the pressure; we feel the responsibility and the ambition. A team like them, with the experience they have, I don’t think it’s a problem.’


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