English Premier League: Chelsea 2-1 QPR

Coach Mourinho reacts:

‘My team didn’t play well enough, or as well as I was expecting. ‘We had periods of good football but not consistently. I’m happy with the points, which I felt we deserved, but it’s another thing to deserve it and play very well, which we didn’t.

‘Even in the first half we weren’t terrific. We had a period that ended with the first goal, and then a period which started with their goal and finished, not with our second goal, but Green making two or three saves which kept them in the game.

‘It was 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there, we were playing against a very well organised defensive team. Everybody knew the job they had to do, the wingers were chasing our full-backs, their full-backs were going man-to-man and they changed their midfield system, playing three against three in the middle.

‘It was fantastic work by Harry to organise them defensively and they gave us a difficult match, but with our quality I would expect us to be stronger.’

He was pleased, however, with certain aspects of the victory
‘It’s important when you don’t play so well to still win because that can compensate for other matches when you play fantastically well and don’t win, which can also happen.

‘The best thing for me was our reaction after they scored. There was no panic, immediately there was a change of intensity in our football, the second goal and two great saves which would have killed the game, so I’m happy with that reaction.’

‘Oscar was our best player. When the team recovered the ball he was always sharp and fast, I think he was fantastic. He played last Sunday, on Tuesday and today. Some other guys didn’t play in midweek so I would expect them to be fresher and sharper than him.

‘He’s playing very well, pre-season was difficult for him after the World Cup but he’s giving balance to the team, lots of creativity and the goal is only possible in a very talented boy.’


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