By Mark Vincent Lincir

At least for a few minutes it looked like Stoke might be able hold on for a point at Stamford Bridge over the weekend. But that was only until Chelsea shook the cobwebs off and decided to play.

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I was in the company of a Man Utd fan who wouldn’t let herself get drawn into the hope early on when it was 0-0…and good thing, because the final 7-0 score was a clear indicator as to why Chelsea will win the Title.

They’re too quick, strong, smart, hungry and balanced to let Man Utd catch them. Besides, who is going to beat them in the stretch run? Liverpool? Don’t think so.

And what is Man Utd without Rooney? There’s no reliable source for goals when he’s not in a match. Berbatov? He supports Rooney well, but can’t do it on his own.

And how about Drogba bringing the ball down with the behind the back heel trap? Simply world class. Say what you want about Chelsea, but when they’re on…there’s nobody better except Barca.

Back Stateside, there’s been much debate about who United States National Team Coach Bob should take to South Africa. Herculez Gomez and Edson Buddle are making a case for themselves and I think both deserve to go to SA. Why not have two strikers who are in form to come off the bench if you need it to get a goal? Who is the U.S. going to rely on?

Jozy Altidore is too inconsistent and juggling Landon Donovan or Clint Mathis up front only unbalances a pretty decent midfield (with the exception of Michael Bradley). I have heard suggestions that Columbus Crew outside back Frankie Hejduk is still in the mix.

Are you kidding me? Please don’t do it to me! I want to enjoy this World Cup! When will he be out of the mix, when he’s 50 years old? He’s only in his mid 30s now…that means he could be around for another three World Cups!

Listen, he runs fast and covers a lot of ground, I’ll give you that. If you don’t want to advance out of the Group Stage, bring him along. Otherwise, the U.S. team has plenty of quality backs that they don’t need to bring Frankie along.

Are the New York Red Bulls for real? Certainly looks like it…but only 15,000 fans showed up at their game against Philly over the weekend. That’s unacceptable!!!

Brand new stadium and a team that actually wins? You gotta be there! Come on New York, be like Seattle where you can’t even get a ticket. I’ll admit, it’s much better than it used to be, but I still don’t want to see empty seats.

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