Jose Mourinho – Chelsea coach

‘This week we have three very important matches. The Champions League match was crucial for us after a bad result at home. We needed that victory away so I had to go with everything and everybody. It is an important match against Arsenal, and being the last one in that busy period for the club”. 

on the 6-0 victory..

‘6-0 is once every 50 years, it’s not year after year,’ he said. ‘It’s something that happens occasionally. And me against Arsene Wenger? I never had the pleasure to play one against one against him – beach soccer or something – I never had that pleasure.

‘It was always between Chelsea and Arsenal, and even that doesn’t play an important part in Sunday’s game. It’s isolated, out of context. What happened in the past, happened in the past. This is another match.

‘Can we win again? Yes we can, but it’s a big match against a very good team and a difficult one. ‘I like to play against the best. The players like it too. Sometimes we are worried about the focus and the approach, but when you play big matches you know the players are more than ready for that.’

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