Premier League week 36

Manchester United had to win to stay in contact with the top 4 with only 2 more games to play. Today De Gea’s weakness showed up again as the Red Devils conceded the equalizing and sole goal from Chelsea.

The final score 1-1 gives Chelsea and Tottenham the edge for the top 4 spot as Man United lag three points behind and an unfavorable goal differential.

Man United will likely not see Champions League next season, a huge setback for the English club. Chelsea have an exciting end of the season with the Europa League semis and another win needed to secure Champions League berth next season. 

United coach Solskjaer on the draw:

In the first half we did what we hoped. We got at them, created chances, got the first goal and played some nice football. In the second half we just didn’t seem to get that urgency back and that quality and tempo in our game.

The mood in the dressing room at half-time was good, everyone supports each other and everyone supported David. They felt good in the game but after that we just couldn’t find the quality and tempo that we had in the first half. Both teams could have won it. Probably none of us deserved to win it so a draw is a fair result.

I don’t think we can give up until it’s theoretically over, but of course it’s a big mountain to climb. We need to focus on those last two games, do our best for ourselves, win games and see what the other games throw up. The end of a season throws up a few marginal decisions, strange results, so anything can happen.

We still want to finish the season on a high and let’s see where that takes us now. Let’s see how many points we can get.

Chelsea coach, Sarri, knows this is a big result for his team:

“If I look at the first 20 minutes I am very happy [with it],’ the boss said. ‘If I look at the last minute when we had the best opportunity of the second half, I am not happy.

But to play here in Manchester against United is very difficult for every team. They played very well in the first 20, 25 minutes. We were in trouble because we didn’t have the right distance between the striker and the midfielders. The ball was always free, and they are very dangerous when they can attack space behind the line.

We were better in the last part of the first half and then the second half. We didn’t risk anything in the second half, only the corner in the last five minutes. We played very well in the second half.”