UCL 201-15 Quarters leg 1: Atletico Madrid 0-0 Real Madrid

Post-game press conference:

Coach Real Madrid – Ancelotti: In the first half we deserved more than 0-0. It was fantastic; we played very well, with a lot of personality. The second half was different, Atlético pressured more, we found it more difficult to control possession and the match was more even”.

“It isn’t such a good result, but we have confidence because of the match we’ve played, because of what the team showed in the first half, and we have confidence for the second leg”. 

We have to avoid the match starting like the one in the Copa, and repeat what we did in the first 45 minutes for the whole 90. We find it difficult to score against Atlético, because they’re one of the best teams in the world defensively. We gave it a real go in the first half, but Oblak did a great job in the first half”.

Coach Atletico – Simeone: “We have to focus on repeating what we did for 45 minutes for the whole game. We have the chance to go through at home. And, as I’ve said, you can go through with two draws. 0-0 is the best of the worst results”.

The rival was better in the first half, they played more intensely and with opportunities and we had a great Oblak. The best thing of the match was the reaction we had. Another team that is hurt, yields, and we changed the intensity of the game and the match was closer to what we had imagined from the start.

We’re leaving with the idea of trying to do it as well as possible in a very hard and difficult match as he will be the one on Wednesday.”

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