England’s national football side has had a rather troublesome road leading up to the UEFA Euro 2012 in Ukraine. After not qualifying at all for the 2008 Euro, the Three Lions certainly have something to prove this time ‘round, but with issues in the captaincy and management of the side, how will they fair in this year’s competition?

A large factor to consider is the fact that England had an embarrassing spell at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. After being knocked out by Germany, their World Cup curse seemed more real than ever. With so many quality Premier League sides in England, many wonder, how is it that the national side has not won a World Cup since 1966? The sheer amount of quality players should increase their Euro 2012 odds.

The recent resignation of their coach, Fabio Capello, has thrown an even larger cloud over the heads of the England side. Not only is it the absence of their coach, but that he took them through to the Euro finals without a loss that matters. Another point of interest is that Capello refused to comply with the order to remove the captaincy from John Terry following the racism debacle including Anton Ferdinand.  With Capello having left the England side, Terry has been stripped of the captain’s armband, now for the second time following the extra-marital affair allegations launched against him largely by UK tabloids.

With only a few months left until the kickoff of the 2012 Euro, there are still doubts as to who will don the captain’s hat and attempt to steer England to the first major competition victory in many, many years.

Tottenham FC coach Harry Redknapp has been tipped as a likely new coach for the England side, though his recent successes at his London Tottenham side may make him think twice about leaving: Tottenham are enjoying the first run for the Premier League title in over 50 years.

All is not doom and gloom for the Three Lions. They do have a very exciting batch of younger players who are set to shine for their country and bolster their chances. The like of Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have proven their skills in the Premier League and now get to show the rest of Europe what they’re made of.  They also have Wayne Rooney in their arsenal, a contender for the Euro 2012 top goalscorer.

England also finds itself, rather luckily, in quite an easy group for the first stage of the 2012 Euro Championship: facing up against the likes of France, Sweden and Ukraine. Being part of Group D certainly improves their Euro 2012 winner odds. France are certainly no team to scoff at, and Ukraine may have their skills bolstered by the fact that they are the host nation. It is by no means a sure thing – especially taking England’s sorry track record into account – but very likely, that we will be seeing England further along in the competition.

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