Bundesliga week 11

The leader, Borussia Dortmund, delivered a complete performance to overcome twice a goal deficit and won a fantastic match against two rivals 3-2. Bayern Munich with a brace from Robert Lewandowski had done the job but Marco Reus also scored a brace to match the Polish goalscorer. The winning goal came from Alcacer in the last 20 minutes.

Undefeated BVB

Bayern Munich have now lost 4 times in the first 11 matches which is quite surprising fo the champions. Dortmund remain undefeated and have extended lead to seven points against their rivals and four points to second M’Glabach. 

Coach Favre, who came from Nice [France], reacts on his biggest win as Dortmund head coach:

“It was a completely crazy game. Bayern were very strong, they dominated us for 25 minutes. We couldn’t get the ball back. And when we did, we immediately lost it due to the way Bayern pressed. It was like a boomerang.

Bayern were perhaps stronger than at any point this season. But I had the feeling that they wouldn’t be able to keep up that tempo. Later on we started to feel we could win. The players’ spirit was fantastic.”

Marco Reus added:

“We didn’t make a good start to the first half. Bayern had a lot of possession and piled on a lot of pressure. We didn’t show much self-belief and rarely pressed, which is what we’d set out to do. It wasn’t until the second half that we started to play football and believed in our game.

It was an incredible match that was a lot of fun to play in. We beat Bayern at home and today there’s not too much to moan about. After levelling at 2-2, we had the wind in our sails.

We put our foot on the gas at that point. The coach has a golden touch. The players that come off the bench really give it their absolute all and by that point the opponent is usually a bit flat.

I hope that we can build on this run. It’s always good to have a cushion, but Bayern are very strong in the long run. We’ll do well to focus on ourselves and to take each game one at a time. We’ll have to see what happens. But it’s too early to talk about whether we can become champions.”

Coach Kovac on why Bayern Munich could not keep the lead and closeout the game:

“We saw a fantastic match from both teams today. It was an open contest. We were in control in the first half, Dortmund controlled the second. We bounced back after the early equaliser.

Then we conceded two goals on the break, that shouldn’t be happening. We closed down the centre very well in the first half, pushing our opponents to the flanks. We didn’t succeed at that in the second half, so they had chances. Unfortunately we lost the match even though it could perfectly well have ended in a draw.

We can be satisfied with the performance. It was our best match since Schalke, in terms of technique, fighting spirit and tactics, especially in the first half. We have to build on it and turn in similar displays in the future.”