No Freddy Adu.

I heard of a DaMarcus Beasley sighting.

The return of Eddie Johnson.

Frank Simek, not Hejduk.

Maybe Coach Bob knows what he’s going after all…


I do agree that we need a goalscorer…badly. If your ten-year-old kid scored a hat trick over the weekend, send US Soccer the tape! He might have to pass on the family vacation to the Grand Canyon, but he’ll be starting in the World Cup!

Where are the goals going to come from? Playing Jozy up front is too easy for any opposition…even with Clint and Lantron (that’s my new nickname for him since I’ve become a superfan…Lantron like the old video game Tron…he’s a machine now)…and I am a complete sell out.

Feels good, actually.

So anyway, you have Lantron and Clint streaking (figuratively, not literrally) up the wings and Jozy all alone up front and you HAVE TO HAVE somebody who can hold the ball so Benny Feilhaber MUST be one of your three center mids.

If Ricardo Clark is healthy, he plays with Maurice Edu in the middle of the park…and Michael Bradley is relegated to the bench where he belongs. In the back, left to right you go Boca, DeMerit, Gooch (he’ll be fine by then) and Spector…Howard in goal. That’s the real lineup that will get the U.S. to the second round of the World Cup.

Please forgive my tangent, but it is to illustrate what Coach Bob should be working towards on Wed vs Holland.

Jonathan Bornstein is an emerging talent…I would like to see him go play club ball in Europe if the opportunity arises…but he is not good enough right now to start in a World Cup. At wing back he’s got to toughen up and play better balls under pressure.

So for Wed…the United States lineup should look like this…Howard, Simek at right back, Spector at left back, Boca and DeMerit in the middle…Lantron at right mid, Holden at left mid…Edu at center mid…and Torres with him.

Did he just?

Yeah, I did…

I left Michael Bradley on the bench.

He can’t hold a ball under pressure, he’s reckless defensively and is keeping a good player off the field whenever he is on it. Add Findley and Jozy up top and we’re in.

Coach Bob needs to take Wed very seriously. The real deal is only a few months away…and I’m not convinced that he is convinced of anything…except that Mike should be on the field 24 hours a day.

–Mark Vincent Lincir


  1. unfortunately gooch is one of our more skilled backs. its just the way coaches raise their backs in college. big strong athletic, but lacking the skills needed to be a world class back

  2. GOOCH??? Are you kidding me Lincir? He’s a bull in a china shop. We need skill, not brawn. Why do US fans think the tough-guy is always the way to go? Hey Lincir, do you pump iron before you write this stuff?

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