It was tough watching replays of David Beckham receiving the ball and stepping back and loading up his left foot before exploding forward while his left Achilles Tendon ruptured during the motion.

I know what David Beckham is going through.

No, I mean…I really do. I tore my Achilles Tendon in my mid-30s…but it was different. It was my right Achilles, which meant I got driven around and had to mooch rides for months (the novelty wears off after two days, because people say that they want to help, but they don’t once you actually ask them..or maybe it was just that it was me).

It was also in front of dozens of people (arguably…can you include the other team in your attendance figures?)…it put to end my hopes of guiding my team into the Coed B level semifinals. David Beckham was hoping to help guide his England team deep into the Cup…but those hopes are apparently dashed now.

Or are they?

Just because it took me six months to start walking upright doesn’t mean that it will take a world-class athlete that long to come back from rupturing the largest tendon in the human body. I think that David Beckham will try to return in time to play for England in the World Cup.

If American striker Charlie Davies can come back from a near-death experience in an auto accident…David Beckham can defy the odds and make a miraculous comeback within three months to still place in the England team this June in South Africa.

He just had surgery and will no doubt be working on his cardio the whole time his foot is wrapped for protection…but the minute they allow him to start learning to work his foot again…he will be at it.

He’s got just under 90 days before England faces the United States and I say that he will be there…he might not start…but he will be on the team. Why do I think that?

Because he’s an incredible athlete with a strong will…and special athletes can do special things…they can rehab from injuries that usually take an awfully long time in a short period…they can come back stronger, fitter and wiser than when they left.

I might still complain to my wife that my Achilles is acting up (it’s been five years since the injury) just to get out of our pre-dawn walk…but a player like David Beckham won’t complain about anything…not about the timing or the unfairness of it all…he’ll just get to work…because he knows, better than anybody…that time is running out.

Don’t bet against him to be on the bench for England when they open up against the U.S. on June 12…he will be there.

-Mark Vincent Lincir


  1. Although I do agree that Beckham, being a world class athlete, will heal faster than the average person, I still think his world cup chances are gone. As heart breaking as that is for England I think it is also important to remember that Beckham was not 100% going to be included in the world cup squad anyways. At this point, even if he can play this summer, Capello would only include Beckham for his off the field leadership capabilities as a former England captain. But honestly, Capello has proven his passion for getting England to the World Cup Finals and I find it highly unlikely that he will forgo a healthy player for the battered David Beckham. It hurts me to say it!! But football is a cruel game, its part of why we love it!!!

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