Ingolstadt 1-2 Bayern Munich 

Bayern win title

Bayern Munich will not play the Champions League final instead they sealed their fourth consecutive Bundesliga titles. Guardiola will leave the club winning the last 3 titles and a couple Cups as well but failed at the European stage for 3 straight seasons.

The coach comments on a great domestic achievement:

“I want to praise all our staff, our fans and the outstanding players. Every one of them helped us! Congratulations to Borussia Dortmund too for this extraordinary season in the Bundesliga. They were huge rivals. I’d like to share this title with Jupp Heynckes. We’ve achieved something very special, four titles in a row! Thanks for everything, to everyone in Germany. I’m delighted with the experience I’ve gained here.”

Forward Thomas Müller“We’ve had an incredible season as a team. We’ve held off  Dortmund, and the stats show they’re the best runners-up in Bundesliga history. As we’ve seen again today, our opponents give everything and push us all the way, but at the end of the day we’re the strongest. That’s why we’re delighted. Four titles in a row has never happened before in the Bundesliga, and the league’s had its share of great teams. It’s exceptional, and we don’t need to be shy about saying it. It’s a huge weight off our shoulders and it brings a certain satisfaction.”

Forward Robert Lewandowski: “We’re champions for the fourth time in a row! It’s my fourth title personally as well. Amazing! I’m pleased about scoring twice. It’s not far back to Munich and we’ll have a party there. We’ll celebrate with our fans in Munich next week, and after that it’s the cup final. If we win the cup it’ll be a truly good season.”


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