Manchester City 1-3 Bayern Munich

Munich coach Guardiola reacts:

“I’m very happy with our performance – we’ve got six points which is a good step towards qualifying for the next stage,”

“We dominated the game and possession, we switched play and won the ball back very well. I’m very, very happy.

“I have a lot of respect for Manuel and his players – I said yesterday, and nothing changes my mind from tonight – I said I think City will qualify and they will be a tough opponent in the next round for whoever draws them”.

City coach Pellegrini reacts:

“I will talk about the team not individuals”.

“We played really bad today – it’s not the team we’ve seen every week in the Premier League and I think that was the worst thing.

“We didn’t have possession and we didn’t do enough to have more. Of course Bayern always have a lot of the ball but today wasn’t a good day for us.

“It’s your duty as journalists to analyse individual players, I think we didn’t play well but of course we could do better on the goals, not only the goalkeeper.

“You can concede goals against Bayern Munich though because they’re a very good team. “It’s just one game, you can have a lot of conclusions from just one game but of course we can improve a lot – we have the quality to qualify for the round of 16.”

“I was surprised by the game we played today – the goal Negredo scored was just a little thing at the end. “I think that me and all of the players know exactly what we must do to do well in the Champions League going forward.”

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