Bayern Munich 1-0 Frankfurt


Manager Heynckes: It’s an emotional moment

“We’ve been outstanding,” said Uli Hoeneß after Bayern sealed the Bundesliga title in record time, “I can hardly describe how fantastic I find this championship.” Head coach Jupp Heynckes spoke of “an emotional moment,” while David Alaba said he and his team-mates would “simply enjoy it.” However, captain Philipp Lahm led a chorus of voices warning against over-exuberance: “We still have big targets.”

“In my team talk today, I told my players that my first league title was the most emotional of my career. Nine of my players have won the league for the first time, and you could see what it meant to them. Following the huge game against Juve, it was unbelievably difficult to pull out another performance. We’ve won the match slightly luckily. But I’m overjoyed. Obviously, it’s an emotional moment. I’ve won the championship again after 23 years, although it was rather warmer back then. I’ve never won the league in such cool temperatures, neither as a player nor as a coach.”

Uli Hoeneß: “We’ve been outstanding this season. It’s very rare that the champions dominate the league in this way. In all the years I’ve been with FCB, I can’t remember us being so outstanding, and winning the league by such a massive margin six games from the end. A huge thank-you, to the coach in particular but also to the players. They’ve never been knocked out of their stride, and they’ve worked their way determinedly towards this day despite our gigantic lead. I can hardly find the words to describe how fantastic I find this championship.”
Philipp Lahm: “We were utterly determined to win today, to continue our run and wrap up the title. We’ll definitely have a couple of beers tonight. But we’re not at the finish line yet. There’s a long way to go, because we still have big targets. There are a couple of records left and we’d like to break one or two of them. We totally deserve to be top of the table. We’ve been much better in defence this season, and we’re on a roll.”

Arjen Robben: “Today is a wonderful day. Whenever we go out there, we obviously want to play well, but we weren’t at our best today. We have another crucial match on Wednesday, and it counts for even more now. We’ve won the title, and now life goes on. However, we’ll 20 points clear and already champions. We’ve earned it through hard work and we can be proud of that. But now we want more.”

David Alaba: “We’ve worked very hard and we’re delighted we’ve done it. We’ve earned it over a period of months, and that’s why we’re so elated. We have yet another tough match on Wednesday and that’s what we’ll focus on now. But all of us are thrilled to bits, and we’re simply going to enjoy it.”

Thomas Müller: “Winning the league so early in the season feels odd. Obviously, we knew it could happen today. It’s a wonderful moment, because no-one can take away this reward for all our effort and hard work. We’ve set a few records and we’ll stick at it. We’ll take the rest as it comes. We have a few highlights to come, so we should keep our feet on the ground.”

Manuel Neuer: “All I’ve had in my hands so far is a cardboard cut-out shield in the dressing room. Actually, it felt fantastic, but we’re looking forward to lifting the real championship shield. We can be proud of what we’ve achieved so far. We know we’re still in contention in two important competitions, and we want to go as far as we can. But we don’t know what might happen, so right now, we should enjoy winning the title. We’ll go for it, we’ll turn the music up, we’ll dance and we’ll sing.”