Champions League Round of 16

Bayern Munich whipped Chelsea on their turf in London, 3-0 and has almost guaranteed its ticket to the Champions League quarterfinal stage. At the break, the game was scoreless despite Bayern’s domination and several chances to score.

The German champions unlocked Chelsea defense with two goals in the first 15 minutes of the second half from Serge Gnabry. The German international has scored 5 goals in two games in London (3 at Tottenham in the group stage and 2 at Chelsea). He commented on his success:

“We came out of the break strong, put a lot of pressure on Chelsea and made good use of the moments of transition at the end of the move. Lewy laid two goals on a plate for me, he could have scored himself. I scored two goals and then he scored one himself.”

Bayern is a favorite

Bayern Munich is one of the favorite teams to win it all and the Bavarians always go far in the competition. It makes almost no doubt again this year and the level of difference between both clubs was obvious. 

Chelsea suffered their largest European home defeat in club’s history as coach Frank Lampard reflected on the reality between the two teams:

“Bayern Munich’s levels were fantastic. Unless we were to get everything right it was going to be a tough night. We didn’t get everything bang on, we weren’t confident on the ball. That was my biggest disappointment, mostly from start to finish”, added the manager.

“We want to play here, we’ve shown that all season, but today we went away from that. That can happen in an intense atmosphere when all eyes are on. It was a harsh lesson and a reality for the players of the levels we want to get to.

There is a lot of quality in their team, and a build to it with players like Lewandowski, Muller, Boateng, Neuer, Alaba, who have been there a long time. There is a lot to their team we have to respect.”

Bayern coach Flick added:

It was a very focused team performance for the whole 90 minutes. We put pressure on our opponents from the beginning and dominated the game. In the first half we could have capitalised on one or two chances. In the second half we were able to do so. We are very, very happy”. 


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