Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona

The tie is mathematically not over, but Bayern let Barca with 0.6% chance to qualify after stunning 4-0 loss in first leg. In other words world’s best may have found a new attire..

Let’s see what coaches and players had to say after the game:

Bayern coach Heynckes: It’s down to fantastic teamwork

“I think we’ve played exceptional football all season long. This team gets along on and off the pitch. It’s fantastic teamwork. After what we’ve been through in the last two seasons, we’re hungry for success. The team were outstanding in executing the tactical plan. That was top-class in terms of physical effort and fighting spirit. We’re delighted about the victory, but there are still 90 minutes to go in Spain. We can enjoy today, but no more than that.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “The team were fantastic. I’ve never experienced an evening like that, and I’ve been in the game a long time. We’ve won 4-0 against the best team in the world, it’s like a dream come true. It went perfectly for us. We go to Barcelona with every chance now. The strength of this team is the performance as a collective. Barça can rarely have created so few chances. A huge compliment to every man on the team.”

Jordi Roura: “It’s a very painful defeat

“This was a game that we were excited about and the result is awful. We’re all sad but this is football. We have to keep on going. The defeat is very painful and it complicates our chances of getting to the final.” Even though the 4-0 will be difficult to overturn, Roura warned that Barça will fight tooth and nail in the return leg: “We will try to turn this tie around in the return leg. Miracles are hard to get and the 4-0 result is complicated, but our obligation is to fight as hard as we can. We will keep on trying until the referee blows the final whistle.”

“in the first half we competed well but they scored from a set piece and we knew coming into the match that they were a physical side; strong and powerful. In the first half we had our options.” He added: “What hurt us the most was the second goal. We tried to carry on but Bayern made it very difficult.”

“There were a couple of goals that were clearly illegal. We haven’t been lucky throughout the competition this year and we weren’t fortunate with the decisions tonight but I won’t say that the referee had an influenced on the final result.”

Dani Alves“I tip my hat to Bayern for the match they played. It was very difficult to play against them. We have to study what we did poorly, and we still have 90 minutes at the Camp Nou.”

Leo Messi:“It’s difficult to fight back, but we’ll try to score the goals we need at the Camp Nou. We have to pick ourselves up, finish off La Liga and try to comeback against Bayern.”

Xavi Hernández:“The result is a bit excessive, but they were the better side. We have to congratulate them because they were superior, they took advantage of their assets. We will try to fight back, because we’re Barça and we’ll keep on fighting until the end.”